Unlimited Data  !!!

3-10-20: To all Past/Current old Customers since 2012. We Do not have old $60 rate plans anymore. ONLY new $80 plans.

If your old rate plan is still working okay, we will keep refilling it for as long as our refill portal lets us refill. Make sure stay below 400GB per month/100GB Per week if your to keep the old rate plan. Please keep in mind that  the $60 plans are going away and currently right now there is no company out there offering anything less then $80 month for unlimited. Cheapest Competitor we found is $80 month or more with NO warranty.

If Decide to Stay with our company for NEW rate plan, click on ALL products on bottom and subscribe to new $80 plan and we will upgrade your hotspot device line, ship to you New Device in 1-2 weeks, New Chip and prepaid envelope to return old device. Our New $80 Rate Unlimited Line will include 1080P - 4K Video streaming included. 100% Unlimited with No Data Caps. Lifetime Warranty will still be included on Device. In Meantime while waiting for arrival of new device. click on subscriptions and cancel the old rate subscription plan.

If you decide to go with another data provider, login, click subscription and hit cancel all data plan subscriptions and we will prorate refund your line.

We Thank you for the years of business and choosing us to be your data provider.